"Melody" 9" x 12" graphite
“Melody” 9″ x 12″ graphite

Tiar has just come to his favorite spot to play his flute. Soon the shy creatures of the wood will creep closer to listen. Deer, squirrels, birds, and other helpless ones will sit next to the fierce ones, the bears, wolves, and foxes. And as long as the music plays all are safe. When he is about to end his concert he plays the same tune everyday so that the gentler creatures will know when to steal away to safety.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser

Pippy’s Obsession

Pippy's Obsession" 8" x 12" Graphite-

Pippy sat many long hours in a tall tree waiting and watching for a glimpse of Effie the local healer. She pondered how she could meet him, but to her dismay she was perfectly healthy and had no reason to go for a visit. And then there was the small matter (pun intended) of the size difference between them. He was by her best calculation at least 5′ taller. But the heart knows not reason…

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser

Flegghop Dugbiner

“Flegghop Dugbiner” 9″ x 11″ Graphite

I met Flegghop Durgbiner while sojourning in Anaria.  While he posed for me I posed questions about his life in Anaria and the customs of the land.  Eventually the conversation moved onto the topic of fashion and he told me that Anarians had not always been so flamboyant.  He said it started a couple of centuries before with a a few elves that had worked the grave yard shift at a shoe cobbler’s workshop.  They made these incredible shoes that were so colorful and different that everyone began to purchase their shoes exclusively at the shop.  Other elves heard about their successes and began to make clothing in the very elaborate style of the shoes.   They were soon competing to see who could make the most astounding outfits.  And since then, Anarians had whole heatedly adopted the new way of dress and also began to compete with the most outlandish fashion that they could purchase from the wily elves.  The outfit  Felgghop wears  in in my drawingf, was very modest by Anarian standards but he was out of sorts with his elven tailor and had not received anything new from him in months.  He felt that if they didn’t make up soon he would lose all standing in the community as a fashion maven.  Poor Flegghop!

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser


Queen of the Sea

"Queen of the Sea" 11.5" x 7" Graphite

I came upon the Queen of the Sea and though at first startled, she eventually smiled at me. I’ve never forgotten nor never shall the meeting under the sea.

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

Care for Some Tea?

"Care for Some Tea?" 9" x 12" graphite
“Care for Some Tea?” 9″ x 12″ graphite

The Hatter was used to having unexpected guests drop by and always had a spare cup to give to those that did.  It didn’t happen too often because most people in the neighborhood “knew” all about the hatter and were somewhat reluctant to hang out with him and his cronies.   They would laugh at the oddest things for no apparent reason that a normal person could understand.  The Hatter would hand you a cup of tea and immediately snatch it back as if he’d just seen something wicked crawl out from the cup.   And then he’d forget to re-fill it and give it back to you.  Then he’d ask how your tea was and when you looked at him blankly, he’d mutter something about ingratitude.  All in all it was unsettling to say the least to drop by for a cup of tea.   If one had the impulse to go,  one usually thought better of it before long and would decide not to go…if you were wise that is.  Be forewarned if you’ve never gone!

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved  Ann Gates Fiser

At the Sock Hop

"At the Hop" 9" x 12" graphite

For all you youngin’s out there- they used to have dances way back when,  that they called “hops”  or sometimes “sock hops”.  OK don’t ask me too much about it because it was before my time too,  but I thought it would be appropriate for dancing frogs to be dancing at the hop.  This pair are known as Mildred and Fred.  Their favorite song is Leap of Faith by Toady and the Amphibians.  It was playing when they met.   Right now they’re practicing up for a dancing marathon.  That was a thing where you and your partner try to outlast all the other dance pairs on the floor.  It could go on for days.  Whoever’s left standing at the end wins a prize, or a trophy, or sometimes both.  Oh and you had to be touching your partner at all times. If you let go for even a second you were disqualified.  Wow.  Aren’t there easier ways to get a trophy?…Maybe not.

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

Who Are You?

"Who...Are...You?" 9" x 12" Graphite

Alice’s adventures were talked about for many years afterward.  And truth be told from time to time when she thought about it herself, it was meeting up with the Caterpillar that crossed her mind the most.  Because every time she purchased a pair of shoes, socks or gloves she could not help but feel a great deal of sympathy for the Caterpillar in spite of the fact that he hadn’t exactly been cordial at their first meeting.  “Imagine having to pay for 20 pairs of shoes and gloves every time you needed new ones”, she would think to herself.  And then she would be very glad all over again that she was back in a some what reasonable part of the Universe.

Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

Gifts for the Queen!

"Gifts for the Queen"  9" x 12" Graphite

It is Queen Talaithia of Anaria’s birthday and the good citizen’s are lined up in the best finery to present their gifts in hope that this will be the most outstanding birthday she has ever had.  Jeweled boxes containing tiny ornate treasure, exotic birds, heavenly foods from far off places are small example of the kinds of presents that Queen Talaithia will receive on this auspicious day.  As with all things that are Anarian the people compete to see who can give the most outlandish, most costly and of course the most totally original and unique gift.  Our fine gentlemen here are hoping to please with an exotic basket of a new fruit never before seen in Anaria,  a bird that sings show tunes on command, and last but not lease, powder that removes wrinkles (at least the gentleman hopes that this is truly the case.) Happy birthday Good Queen Talaithia!

Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

The Magic Flute

"The Magic Flute" 9" x 12" Graphite

A magic flute is one that anyone can pick up and play. This one has been found by Evylar, a monkey. Of his playing many were profoundly moved to listen to his soul shine through the music he chose bring fourth. Though anyone can play a magic flute only those who allow their spirits to express their essence make music. The rest only produce notes.

Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser