At the Sock Hop

"At the Hop" 9" x 12" graphite

For all you youngin’s out there- they used to have dances way back when,  that they called “hops”  or sometimes “sock hops”.  OK don’t ask me too much about it because it was before my time too,  but I thought it would be appropriate for dancing frogs to be dancing at the hop.  This pair are known as Mildred and Fred.  Their favorite song is Leap of Faith by Toady and the Amphibians.  It was playing when they met.   Right now they’re practicing up for a dancing marathon.  That was a thing where you and your partner try to outlast all the other dance pairs on the floor.  It could go on for days.  Whoever’s left standing at the end wins a prize, or a trophy, or sometimes both.  Oh and you had to be touching your partner at all times. If you let go for even a second you were disqualified.  Wow.  Aren’t there easier ways to get a trophy?…Maybe not.

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

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