Mermaid in the Deep- Graphite 9″ x 12″

Coming upon a mermaid is a most wondrous sight, but one is advised to to be very cautious when approaching her, or him!   There appears to be two varieties of merpeople.  I say two because the mermaid or merman is a very elusive creature and it is merely conjecture at this point as to the number of types.  And why wouldn’t they be elusive!?  They seem to be well aware of mankind’s penchant to shoot, stuff, and subsequently proudly hang over their fireplaces their so called “trophies”.   Or perhaps even worse is forcing them to perform in some Sea World type place, or caging them in a tiny aquarium in some zoo for all the world to gawk at open mouthed and perhaps drooling.

The two known supposed varieties of merpeople are the common or ordinary mermaid/man  (though there is nothing common or ordinary about them)  and the second known as a siren.  The common merperson is known to assume the form of a dolphin to  guide sailors who are lost, lead ships trying to navigate treacherous rock filled waters, rescue drowning sailors , etc.

Ah, but the sirens are a whole nother matter.  Their intent towards mankind is not so benevolent.  They enjoy immensely, sitting on the rocks sweetly singing with their bewitchingly beautiful voices luring unwary and unsuspecting sailors to certain death.  Their ships, then are steered by maddened men whom neither can see,  know or care that the rocks are mere yards away waiting to smash their ships into thousands of little pieces that will end up as as flotsam and jetsam on a beach next morning.  The sailor who is lucky enough to have survived the sinking of his ship only to come to the notice of the sirens is likewise lured below the waves where the sirens continue to sing their hauntingly beautiful songs, the sailor responding by following them ever lower to the icy depths, only to realize when it too late that he is drowning and soon to be dead.

The learned and well known authority on the children of the fae, Hans Christian Andersen, purports to believe that merpeople live to be around 300 years old, have no souls,  turn to seafoam when they die, and must earn their souls by good deeds. (kind of keeps out the Sirens, doesn’t it…?)   I however think that is utter rubbish and nonsense and is a patent expression of the arrogance of some who think that just because they are capable of writing things down that it makes it true.  I do not believe for one second that any merperson would disclose such a personal detail about themselves to any human.  Frankly no human lives long enough to prove or disprove how long a mermaid lives or knows with absolute certainty that they themselves even have a soul.  Personally, I believe that all creatures do have them though like everyone else I can’t prove it.  I would be a lot happier if  I could.

In conclusion I strongly admonish that if you are so incredibly  fortunate as to come upon a merperson that you take note and keep to a safe distance.  Admire, but do not under any circumstance attempt to touch or make contact in any way.

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Queen of the Sea

"Queen of the Sea" 11.5" x 7" Graphite

I came upon the Queen of the Sea and though at first startled, she eventually smiled at me. I’ve never forgotten nor never shall the meeting under the sea.

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser

What Do Mermaids Do All Day Long?

"Evia" 9" x 12" Graphite
“Evia” 9″ x 12″ Graphite

What do mermaids do all day?  Are they bored with swimming around?  Or is it still as much fun as it for you and me?  Do they play with sea creatures or go to balls given by the sea king?  Do they make sushi? Yeeew!  Or search for pearls and other sea treasures to adorn themselves with?  Do they go on sightseeing tours of far away seas and oceans? Do they rise to the surface to study the stars or gawk at boat loads of sailors and swim with the dolphins and sun on the rocks? What do mermaids do all day long?

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Ignoring the Beauty and Mystery

“Ignoring the Beauty and Mystery” (AKA Familiarity Breeds Contempt) Graphite 9″ x 12″

Have you ever noticed that no matter how beautiful or exotic your surroundings are, after a while unless you try very heard you begin to not notice.  Everything becomes common place and mundane.  One of the things I love about going away for a couple of weeks is that when I come back to the incredible beauty of the Pacific NW, it knocks my socks off all over again.  And I find myself in utter gratitude that I get to live here.

I drew this sketch as a reminder to myself to stop and really see with fresh eyes where I am and what’s around me.  In the drawing the mermaid is totally oblivious to all the wonder, mystery and beauty of the ocean floor around her.  The colorful and really exotic fish (with a little help from me), the vividly colorful plants (or least they will be when I paint them) go unnoticed.   She is utterly bored. She needs a vacation so she can see what I see.

What in your life are you ignoring, failing to see?

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Taking a Breather

“Taking a Breather”   12″ x 9″   Graphite

“Taking a Breather”

taking_a_breatherMeleah, like many mermaids loved to go top side to sun herself and contemplate having another existence, one where she could walk upon the land and visit exotic places that were out of reach to her in her present form.  Or she would stare at the sky and watch the flight of birds, to her they were the  fishes of the heavens,  and wish that she could join them in their utter freedom of flight.   But though these things appealed to her strongly, she was as aware as any human child of the story of the little mermaid, who traded her tail fin for legs to be with her love.  And more importantly she knew the ending of that story. How the little mermaid had been left painfully without home or love.   The story had even more impact on her because to her. and her kind, it was not a story but history,  the history that was taught to every young one in hopes that they would not make the same mistake.   So  Meleah’s longing never went any farther than a wistful daydream. 

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Skylandialon (Watercolor Painting)

“Skylandialon” 13″ x 13″ watercolor

The people of Skylandialon had once lived on the ground but that was a long time ago. Longer than anyone could remember they had lived in the clouds with the birds and other flying creatures. In their scrolls there were tales of the mighty wizards that had been employed by the king to find a way to raise the royal city up high into the air. The wizards had found a way to do just that. It was done for two reasons; the first being most important, was to live as the birds did. And second it was to protect the city from any encroachment from outside forces. Both were achieved and Skylandialon enjoyed a peace and prosperity for millennia. Though other kingdoms sent spies and hatched plots to take over the kingdom, the magic that had been woven was so strong that none succeeded. For the wizards had wisely fueled the spells with the power of contentment and love. They had instructed the king and his people that so long as the citizens of Skylandialon were treated well and had the freedom and support to create any kind of life that they wanted, the city would remain floating and protected. The wizards also knew in their infinite wisdom that there would be those who would be unhappy no matter what they were given, and so the magic only depended upon the majority being content. The king was therefore always obligated to be a caretaker instead of a power hungry despot.

The drawing the painting is based upon

"Skylandialon" 12" x 9" graphite.
“Skylandialon” 12″ x 9″ graphite.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser


Sketch of the Day-

The sky people of Skylandialon loved the creatures of the sea and earth so much that designed their machines to honor and remember them.

Other than a love for hot air balloons and heavy ornamentation- I’m not sure where this one came from. 

“Skylandialon” 12″ x 9″ graphite.