Gifts for the Queen!

"Gifts for the Queen"  9" x 12" Graphite

It is Queen Talaithia of Anaria’s birthday and the good citizen’s are lined up in the best finery to present their gifts in hope that this will be the most outstanding birthday she has ever had.  Jeweled boxes containing tiny ornate treasure, exotic birds, heavenly foods from far off places are small example of the kinds of presents that Queen Talaithia will receive on this auspicious day.  As with all things that are Anarian the people compete to see who can give the most outlandish, most costly and of course the most totally original and unique gift.  Our fine gentlemen here are hoping to please with an exotic basket of a new fruit never before seen in Anaria,  a bird that sings show tunes on command, and last but not lease, powder that removes wrinkles (at least the gentleman hopes that this is truly the case.) Happy birthday Good Queen Talaithia!

Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser