Sketch for the Day-

eu·phe·mism [yoo-fuh-miz-uhm] 
1. the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.
2.the expression so substituted: “To pass away” is a euphemism for “to die.”

EX. Baby butterflies are born from a caterpillar blowing bubbles from a hooka…..

I decided to add to the list of Euphemisms for baby making- the stork, the cabbage patch, the birds and the bees, etc.  Add a fascination with the caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland” and you have this sketch.  The caterpillar was the most magical character to me and the one that really made me realize Alice had really stepped through the looking glass.

“Euphemism” 9″ x 12″ graphite


I was watching a re-run of the Hercules show, the one with Kevin Sorbo, and this old man came on the TV. I loved his eyes. Loved the crinkly wrinkles around them. So I ran and got my sketchbook and started to draw him. Unfortunately he was only on the screen for a few minutes and then gone. So I continued to draw and he turned into an old woman (I don’t know why, it just happens…). She then became a witch and I started to wonder why was she so sad? Yeah I know what you’re probably saying, “You drew her that way dummy!”. But artists have as little control sometimes over their subjects as writers do over characters. They just write or draw themselves that way. I digress. So I asked  the old woman why she was sad and the answer that came was because she loved children. Oh take that smirky look off your face. She didn’t love eating them. She wasn’t that kind of witch. She loved to be around them. The problem was that they too thought that she would eat them and so they always ran away. Too bad for them because she would have given them gingerbread, cookies, and milk and told them wonderful stories about her childhood adventures as a witch.

“Penelope” Graphite 9″ x 12″


Sketch of the Day-

The sky people of Skylandialon loved the creatures of the sea and earth so much that designed their machines to honor and remember them.

Other than a love for hot air balloons and heavy ornamentation- I’m not sure where this one came from. 

“Skylandialon” 12″ x 9″ graphite.


“Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir”

Sketch for the Day

Maestro Bellini appeared in a mediation one day. This is one of the sketches, that has me stumped when someone asks, “Where did you get that idea?!”  All I can say is that it bubbles up from the depths of my creative unconscious and I no longer argue with the muse. If it shows up it gets space on a page. Sometimes I eventually even paint it.

I’m particularly fond of “Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir” because he’s so obviously out of his element and yet he’s still in the full passion of his art.  One of the things I’ve noticed that keeps people from being creative is they think they have to have the exact perfect circumstances in which to do it. In this past year I’ve found that if I let it, my muse will come forth anywhere and everywhere, and my creativity expands exponentially. I think that’s one reason that I’m now keeping a sketchbook with me most of the time.  In the process I’ve discovered a love for drawing that I didn’t know I possessed. Drawing used to only be a necessary but trying means to be able to put paint on a piece of paper.

“Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir” 9″ x 12″ Graphite


“Bor Falklighten, Ostrich Rider at Large”

Sketch for the Day

This is a preliminary study for a recurring character that will feature in a lot of my future paintings. He’s loosely based on a friend of mine, Rob Falk.  Bor is a traveler tourist and adventurer who gives a balloon to all whom he meets. In addition he leaves one tied to things for the surprise of the lucky soul who happens to find it.  If there’s a balloon in a painting, you will know that Bor has been there. 😉 This is the photo that inspired this character.

This is the photo of Rob that inspired Bor Falkliter. I met Rob at Second Story Rep Theater. He’s a brilliant lighting technician. He made my set painting and design look really good! I like Rob’s face better than the one I made up so future drawings and paintings will feature his face. 

Taking On Portraiture

Portrait of a Girl With Fairies-

At this point I’m perfecting the portrait.  Making small adjustments to make it look more like her, and drawing in fairies.  The one on the right has proportion problems so I’ll be correcting that. I thinking of adding a few butterflies too.

She’s the granddaughter of my doctor. Portraits are interesting to do, because you have to do so many things at once.  Capture a likeness, the personality and also make sure your technique is good.  Altogether a big challenge. I haven’t worked on it (portraiture) very much because with one portrait artist, no make that one incredible portrait artist, Rob Fiser in the family, it seemed redundant.  But I really love the idea of incorporating real people into fantasy or making them fantasy characters, so I guess I will be working on this more.  I think eventually I will do a watercolor of it and give it as a present to my doctor who’s help this year has been immense.



“Tea With Gnobs”

Sketch for the Day
Chester Q. Trollbiten loved Wednesdays the most. That was the day that he had tea and scones with Gnobs Gnomely precisely at 3:00pm. Gnobs who’d never been farther than the crossroads, loved to hear stories from Chester who’s world travels had even included a trip to Clevelandia. They were the best of friends.
Tea With Gnobs “Tea With Gnobs” 9″ x 12″ Graphite