Lark Song

"Lark Song"~ 9" x 12" Graphite


I have drawn Tiar again.  Today he is at the top of the highest hill,  playing  for the larks.  His tunes are so captivating that no wild creature can resist the sound of his silver flute, not even a creature who is also given to magical song.

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Copyright Ann Gates Fiser 2013 All rights reserved

The Magic Flute

"The Magic Flute" 9" x 12" Graphite

A magic flute is one that anyone can pick up and play. This one has been found by Evylar, a monkey. Of his playing many were profoundly moved to listen to his soul shine through the music he chose bring fourth. Though anyone can play a magic flute only those who allow their spirits to express their essence make music. The rest only produce notes.

Copyright 2013  All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser