The Unhappy Shoemaker

“The Unhappy Shoe Cobbler”
Graphite 9″ x 12″


Tom,  the  shoe cobbler  elf was unhappy.  He had not been that way before he had visited a new friend Dib, who was a kitchen elf.   But the moment Tom entered the kitchen and smelled the wonderful aromas,  saw the textures of the colorful varieties of vegetables, roots, and baked goods and much more, he was hooked.   A passion flared in him the likes of which he’d never known.  “Oh to be a kitchen elf,” he sighed.   Well you might wonder and ask what the problem was.  Why not just become a kitchen elf?  What’s the big deal?  It was this, and very great problem it was indeed.  Tom’s family had always been, and would always be, shoe cobblers.  In fact Tom was the great, great, great, great (for at least 200 years and many generations) great grandson of one of the elves in “The Elves and the Shoemaker”, the story chronicled by the Grimm brothers.  If only the brothers had left well enough alone and never written a single line about the the three brothers that were Tom’s ancestors.  After having that much fame the family was much reluctant to let go of the prestige of being “that family”.  And therefore it was unthinkable to Tom’s rather large family that he should even begin to contemplate being anything else…. To be continued.

Copyright 2013 Ann Gates Fiser