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Graphite Drawing- 9" x 12"
Graphite Drawing- 9″ x 12″

Ellaby hasn’t seen or heard from his best friend in days.  This was unusual and prompted Ellaby to go and stop by where Lem lived in a wonderful cozy home under the roots of a large old elm tree. It had belonged to many generations of his gnome family.  It was right next to  a stream where he and Ellaby would float paper boats down it, talk to passing frogs, and play with other creatures that lived along the merrily gurgling stream.

As I said before Lem had been missing for too many days and when Ellaby knocked on his door he heard nothing at first. But then his ear pricked up when he heard a weak croak, “Hellooo?”  Lem quickly poked his head in the door and there propped up on a pile of pillows was Lem looking feverish and miserable.

“Where have you been?” asked Lem crankily. “I could have died right here and no one would have cared.”
“I came to see you as soon as I realized you hadn’t come to town. It’s only been a few days,” answered Ellaby in a soothing voice.  He was very patient because he knew Lem was only ever cross when he was ill.  “What can I bring you? …Some nice root soup or a warm compress for your chest? Some new books? Cough syrup? Witches Good for What Ails You All Purpose Elixer?”
“No,”  Lem answered, “No not much …I just need some company… and a cup of tea… and maybe a slice of ginger root toast…and plump my pillows please…and open the window just a hair will you please…. a cold cloth for my brow…. and some of those flowers just down the stream would be nice… hmmm  I guess that ‘s all.”

Ellaby looked at his friend and what he thought and what he said were two different things. He just looked at his dear friend and said, “Alright, in a jiffy. We’ll have you up and running around in no time.

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Wizard Onysius

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Wizard Onysius- Water color  Image Size 6.50 &" w x 9.5" h
Wizard Onysius- Water color Image Size 6.50 &” w x 9.5″ h

The good and kindly wizard who is known by the name Onysius, is friend to all creatures far and wide. In fact some creatures, the pocket dragons, decided that he belonged to them. They believed this very strongly and at all times a small group can be seen hanging around and in fact they hang on him at all times. He did not mind in the slightest, because a wizard’s life is indeed a lonely one much of the time. While it’s not safe for most to be in the vicinity of a wizard when he is experimenting, there’s nothing tougher than a dragon’s hide and so they didn’t mind one bit when spells went really awry. Which naturally they tended to do a on regular basis.

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The Herald New drawing- This is a study for a painting that will be called “The Herald” Next I have to work out the background. #fantasyart #musician #fantasy #drawing #art

The Return of the Traveler

"The Return of the Traveler" 9' x 12"
“The Return of the Traveler” 9′ x 12″

Mr. Bevenson was the consummate traveler.   He’d been everywhere that was anywhere.  He’d even journeyed to both poles. What he was particularly gifted at,  was meeting the local people and being invited into their homes.  He liked seeing how others in the world lived,  how they decorated their homes, what they ate, and what stories they told ( if he understood the language, and usually he did because that was his other talent).  He learned languages as easily as some people are able to learn a particular melody.  He had friends around the world and received numerous letters from far off places everyday.  Whenever he went away he had the postman stop delivery otherwise his box would be jammed with letters, with even more stacked in high piles around his small mailbox.

However much he enjoyed traveling, it was always a big thrill for him to come home.   He could then look at his comfy home and his beautiful things collected from all over the world and see them with appreciative eyes.  In fact, if you asked him he would tell you,  that was the reason that he left as often as he did.  So that all the world including his own home was always new, fresh,  and amazing  to him.

Is it time for  a journey?

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“Reporting In”

 “Reporting In” 9″ 12″ Graphite
Everyone believed Wizard McGoggle to be the best seer in the land. It simply was not true. Oh he had a talent alright but not for scrying into the crystal ball. Actually that crystal made a nice place for his friends to land and tell him many things. Which brings me to his true talent. McGoggle could understand and talk to the wee dragons of the land, sometimes called pocket dragons because they could fit into very tiny spaces. Most people thought of them as pests, little better than rodents, if they thought of them at all. Which is why as you see, McGoggle was able to put his talent and theirs to good use. The tiny dragons spread out across the land and would report on a near daily basis the goings on in the land. Conversations, trysts and plots that were meant to be private soon found their way to the ears of the wizard. That’s what made him so very bloody brilliant when it came to advising the king and everyone else. Not only did he know everything in the land that was going on but he also knew if the king was thinking something particularly foolhardy and dangerous, the wizard was able to gently nudge the royal into a much more productive direction. All in all it was a tremendously beneficial gift that McGoggle used wisely on behalf of the royal realm. Thank goodness that he was not a dark wizard!reporting_in
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