Monkey Suit

"Monkey Suit" Graphite 12" x 9"
“Monkey Suit” Graphite 12″ x 9″

I have often heard the pinnacle of modern men’s fashion, the tuxedo, called a monkey suit. It must truly be very uncomfortable judging by the speed with which the men in my life have retreated from them as soon as they possibly could.  Not to mention the whining sound as soon as they are ensconced in one.  Who hasn’t witnessed the fingers tugging at the collar hoping for a little breathing room? So I decided to draw a “true” monkey suit to show the guys that it could be worse, much, much worse.  Not that I don’t have sympathy for what men have to go through. Because women have their torturous clothing equivalents as well. Girdles and spiked 5″ high heels for example.  Which begs the question …why?  Does fashion really have to hurt to be fashionable?  Hmmm?


The Magic Flute

"The Magic Flute" 9" x 12" Graphite

A magic flute is one that anyone can pick up and play. This one has been found by Evylar, a monkey. Of his playing many were profoundly moved to listen to his soul shine through the music he chose bring fourth. Though anyone can play a magic flute only those who allow their spirits to express their essence make music. The rest only produce notes.

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