Pearl the Mermaid

I painted Pearl about 6 weeks ago but I wasn’t totally happy with the way that she came out. This morning when I got up she was sitting there on my drawing table and I started painting on her again. I added more color to the water and added some red to her hair and added more pearls (mainly on her arms and some in her hair). I then put a pearl interference wash over the whites. You won’t be able to see it in the photo because you have to view the painting at least a slight angle to see it because of the way that the light must bounce off the paint to your eye. I added a blue wash to the seaweed and it made it more vibrant. And I added a bit more value to the shadows. Everything that looked bland to me before now has more punch.

I also added a highlight to the top of the fish. This served two purposes (or I guess I should say porpoises). First it gave them a more dimensional look and it made them stand out from the background.