The Return of the Traveler

"The Return of the Traveler" 9' x 12"
“The Return of the Traveler” 9′ x 12″

Mr. Bevenson was the consummate traveler.   He’d been everywhere that was anywhere.  He’d even journeyed to both poles. What he was particularly gifted at,  was meeting the local people and being invited into their homes.  He liked seeing how others in the world lived,  how they decorated their homes, what they ate, and what stories they told ( if he understood the language, and usually he did because that was his other talent).  He learned languages as easily as some people are able to learn a particular melody.  He had friends around the world and received numerous letters from far off places everyday.  Whenever he went away he had the postman stop delivery otherwise his box would be jammed with letters, with even more stacked in high piles around his small mailbox.

However much he enjoyed traveling, it was always a big thrill for him to come home.   He could then look at his comfy home and his beautiful things collected from all over the world and see them with appreciative eyes.  In fact, if you asked him he would tell you,  that was the reason that he left as often as he did.  So that all the world including his own home was always new, fresh,  and amazing  to him.

Is it time for  a journey?

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A Tale Worth Telling

“A Tale Worth Telling”
Gaphite 9″ x 12″

Listening-is-a-GiftTriggle Tunsbundy’s little brother Traggle had one very very good friend in the world, Oliver Maplesmort. Although Oliver was many, many centuries old( and not to mention the obvious fact that he was a tree) and Traggle only a few hundred years old or so, they were extremely fond of each other. You see Traggle was an excellent writer, a spinner of tales of far off places, and Oliver was a really very good listener. Unable to go anywhere Oliver was usually very bored when Traggle wasn’t around to amuse him with stories. And Traggle had usually been ignored when he tried entertain others with his incredible imagination, so the two friends were perfectly suited to one another. Eventually Traggle had practiced story telling so much with his friend
Oliver that he began to be able attract other people to his enchanting tales. He became very famous, but never forgot his friend Oliver and always came to tell him the new stories first. It was and is the perfect frienship with each gaining from the knowing of the other.

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