Birds of a Feather

birds_of_a_feather“Birds of a Feather” ” 5″ x 7″ graphite

The good citizens of Anaria are known for their colorful fashion though not necessarily or usually for their good taste.  Friendly and sometimes not so friendly rivalries would go on for decades to see who could embellish their attire in the most creative and unusual ways.  Occasionally but very rarely some of their ensembles would achieve elegance.  When that happened one hardly knew how to respond.  By it’s very taste-fullness it seemed out of place and therefor in very poor taste.  These three gentlemen so depicted, are not remotely in danger of offending their fellow citizens.  Quite the contrary, they will be much admired, emulated, and the subject of much gossip and competition.  Bravo!  Well done gentlemen!