The Herald New drawing- This is a study for a painting that will be called “The Herald” Next I have to work out the background. #fantasyart #musician #fantasy #drawing #art


7 thoughts on “The Herald

    1. Hi Brenda I’m doing well. Had a really busy period and then the inertia of getting back into posting bogged me down. But it’s a new year which is a great time to start new things and renew the things that are worth renewing so her I am. How about you?

      1. I’ve been writing more poetry, and I even drew a dragon and a phoenix coloring page. Not on your level, I’m afraid, but fun, none-the-less. I’m also reworking my first novel, and getting the itch to start another. Fun, fun, fun! I look forward to seeing the Herald emerge.

      2. That’s cool but I don’t know about the “my level” business. I honor all creativity in all it wonderful variety and expression.

        I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone’s blogs…sigh 😉

      3. I took it that way, but I do believe it’s the same as being on the same road just at different spots. Still the same road though. 🙂 That’s a lot of sames!

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