Wizard’s Isle

"Wizard's Isle" Garphite 10" x 6"

Just off the coast of the southern end of Anaria there’s an island called “Wizard’s Isle”.  And as you might be apt to suppose, a very, very powerful wizard lives there.  But unfortunately Whodrennen, that’s the wizard’s name,  is not a very good wielder of powerful magic.  His spells are apt to misfire at the most unfortunate times.  Once,  he burned up a whole town.  In fact that was the horrendous event that precipitated his moving out to the island.  It took Whodrenen three years to finally and correctly make the spell that built his tower, and after that he had to rest for quite awhile.  Imagine all the power of nuclear bomb and the control of a two year old.

Anarians occasionally,  risking their very lives, would visit him and request  some bit of this or that magic where upon they were promptly asked to sign a bit of legal magic called a bodily injury waiver.   Some did,  and some did not sign and were lucky enough to go away in one piece, however disappointed they were.


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