Three Times is the Charm- Step by Step

This is a walk through the steps for a painting I did a while back and just never uploaded the pics.

“Three Times Is the Charm?” watercolor 10.5h x 13.5″w

Q. How many times do you have to kiss a frog to turn him into a prince? A. As many times as it takes! Remind yourself to kiss your prince every day so that he doesn’t turn back into a toad.

step-3 step-4 step-5 step-6 step-7 step-9jpg step-10




Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Ann Gates Fiser


11 thoughts on “Three Times is the Charm- Step by Step

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy seeing these walk-throughs from other artists myself. It’s fascinating to see how they go paint- see the differences from me and the similarities.

  1. This was lovely! I loved the step by step process, it just goes to show how much goes into a piece of magnificent artwork. Anazing~

    1. Nina- Thank you for a wonderful compliment. I have some more step bt steps planned. I know that I love seeing them from other artist and I usually learn something too. Just another of the joys of the internet, spreading the wealth of knowledge and experience.

      1. That is something the internet is very useful for :). I really enjoyed it, I loved seeing the colours spread across the black and white, and I loved seeing them grow richer with each step. It was lovely, truly 🙂

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