After the Tea Party

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"After the Tea Party"  9" x 12" Graphite
“After the Tea Party” 9″ x 12″ Graphite

Tea parties were such exhausting affairs.  People had to catch up on all the latest gossip and  be seen in their very best outfits and hope their finery  wasn’t remembered from the last season.  But as trying as it was for the humans at the fete,  it was much worse for the china.  Imagine that you had to listen to all that silly prattle and the whole time you were very afraid that someone would drop  and shatter you into hundreds of tiny slivers and fragments.  Yes that was the life of the tea set and the china.  Afterward, we like to take a short little nap until it’s time for the servants to come and clear away the remains.  And then it more nail biting to see if one would make it through the dish water, into the hands of the one of the clumsy kitchen maids who would dry you and finally set you into the much welcomed safety of the china cabinet.  What was really annoying, was that the whole time, that ass of a sugar bowl was singing his head off.   One of the cups said  that I ought not mind the sugar bowl because that was the way that he handled his fear.  “Fear my ass,” I said ” He’s too stupid to be afraid.”  Where upon the tea cup just sniffed and gave me the look…you know the one where you’ve  suddenly become an everyday dish in her eyes.  “Oh well… it’s been a long day and we’re all tired and cross.” said the  creamer.  “Let’s just calm down and remember that we’re all in this together.”

"After the Tea Party II" 8" x 8" Graphite

Copyright 2013 all rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser


4 thoughts on “After the Tea Party

    1. Thanks Matilda. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I never know if what I’m writing is the drivel of an insane woman or actually something someone would enjoy reading. LOL

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