Dragon Lord

#fantasy art#dragon#sketch#art#drawing

“Dragon Lord” 9″ x 12″ Graphite


A man is not born to be a Dragon Lord, nor can he choose to train to be one. Rather it is the dragon’s unerring good judgement of character in choosing who shall ride and who shall not, that creates a Dragon Lord. Mankind in it’s arrogance believed it to be an inherent gift of birth in a lucky few until the dragons grew weary of this ignorance and corrected them in no uncertain terms. The dragon chooses the rider for his innate good character. Thus it was and thus it would always be.

Only once in known history did a dragon make a mistake in his choice. In a fit of pique he let out a snort of disgust that instantly incinerated his unlucky chosen rider. He then promptly flew away to some distant mountain and some hidden cave to lie there and forever dream of and remember his momentary crime of passion.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser


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