Guess Who?

"Guess Who?" graphite 9" x 12"

#fantasy art#Fairy art#Snow White#Once Upon a Time

Getting older is tough.  Especially when you have been the fairest of them all for so long!   Looking in the mirror gets tougher and tougher and we all know that mirrors don’t lie…do they?   It would be terrifically tempting just to off the little bitch who’s stealing your glory with her apple red perfect mouth, rosy cheeks, baby blues  and coal black, thick, really long,  shiny hair.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a poison apple or two….  but maybe it would be easier to just smash the damn mirror.  After all, the news is just going to keep getting worse, isn’t it?   First its the neighborhood beauty, but then after a number of years it’s your Uncle Harry , and his pals Tom and Dick,  who are suddenly fairer than you are.  Yeah I say smash the mirror and by a ticket to cruise de Nile….yeah that’s the ticket….      Forget the apples babe….     Time to move on….


8 thoughts on “Guess Who?

    1. Thank you! Don’t you just wanna go into business counseling villains sometimes? Move on buddy…let it go…step away from the heroine…untie her from the rail road tracks… there’s better ways to solve your problems…etc LOL

      1. Absolutely. Let me recommend a good therapist, or wait, there’s anger management, too! Obsessives Anonymous should exist.

      1. Hi Shackled It does take a lot of practice BUT it’s a fun journey. When I began to just relax and enjoy the process, that’s when I made the biggest leaps with my drawing. Look at the act of drawing as the destination, not the end product or some goal of perfection. Then it’s incredibly fun!

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