Papers Please!

“Papers Please” 9″ x 12″ Graphite.

Trud and Lud are twins that have been standing outside of Queen Talaithia, Grand Empress and Queen of Anaria and surrounding land’s, Palace for at least 25 years.  Over time they’ve become pretty good at figuring out who should see the Empress and who should not. It mostly has to do with entertainment value.  Those that are unusual, witty, talented, or bringing a huge gift or gifts are admitted with great speed.  You must demonstrate one of these qualities to Trud and Lud before they will allow you entrance.  As a consequence, Trud and Lud have seen some amazing things and met astounding people.  Today has been a particularly dry day for entrancing entrants so they are bored and likely to get very sleepy before the afternoon wains.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved  Ann Gates Fiser

#fantasy art  #fairy tale #pencil sketch #drawing# #illustration


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