wizMikiloni, a wizard of great stature in Anaria loves to mozy on down to his favorite pub to regale anyone he can find with his favorite jokes, songs, and tales from his exploits as a young wizard. Of course in the process somehow you always end up buying a round or two for him. Rumor has it, that his greatest magic trick is that he’s never paid for a drink, even once.



9 thoughts on “Wiz

  1. It seems like every day you add an awesome new picture. You are truly an inspiring artist and I hope one day I can be as talented.

    1. Ahhhh Ramanda Thank you so much! Keep drawing and you will without a doubt be where you want to be. I used to be less than fond of drawing and saw it only as a step to painting. Due to a diagnosis of breast cancer a year and a half a go I was forced to be lying down a lot and unable to paint. At first I read but I started to feel frustrated that I wasn’t getting any artwork done so I decided I would start sketching ideas for paintings, so that when I could paint more I would be ready to go. Then an amazing thing happened. I started loving drawing! Some drawings were still rough sketches, but many more became artwork in their own right. And even more wonderful was that my paintings became much stronger because their foundation (the drawing) was better. So now my motto is draw, draw, and then draw some more. Again thank you for your very kind words and I hope to keep inspiring a love for drawing.

      1. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope all is well for you now. I have drawn for years. Never gotten to that stage to where I felt like an actual “artist” and I took some time off and am now doing it using sketchbook pro 6 on my computer, which I honestly think is a lot harder than just doing it the old fashioned way. Thank you for your kind words and and I won’t give up. Once day I’ll be awesome. ha-ha

      2. My thought has always been that we are born being an artist. It’s not something you had to earn or achieve. The impulse to create art is what defines you as an artist. So by my definition you are an artist. Only you can decide that you are and really it’s more of a knowing or inner acknowledgement than a deciding. Believe me when I say that no one comes up and taps you on the shoulder with a magic wand and says”Poof! You are now an artist.” Because bottom line “artist” is not a doing thing, it’s being thing. I be an artist and you be an artist too. 😉

      3. aw thank you for the encouragement. I guess I second guess my self too much and learning a software is hard enough. what I do on the comp can be so much more if i actually too the time to practice I guess I just expected to pick up where I left off.

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