Journey’s Start

It is important to remember when setting out on a journey that things you don’t expect to happen, do indeed happen, and things you do expect, do not. So when Oliver Oldtree and Sneed, his trusty steed, started out on a jaunt to go as far away as either could imagine, it was with that understanding. But try as he might to have no expectations, he did harbor some desires. He truly wished to see the pond his grandfather had visited as a lad in his 200th year. To folks their size it was the size of what is an an ocean to us giants. And he wanted to meet people, strangers, from other villages. And if he could, he wanted to glimpse something he’d heard about called a mountain. Mountains were not visible in the woods where he lived. He could hardly believe that something that enormous existed in the world. So with these desires tucked away in the back of his mind he joyfully and truth be told somewhat fearfully set off what would be the journey of a lifetime.  journeys_startsm

Copyright 2013 Ann Gates Fiser


2 thoughts on “Journey’s Start

  1. Not silly at all. I used Photoshop. Any software that edits photos will probably have the capability to place writing over the photo though. Good luck! I hope this helps.

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