Will the Wise

Will the Wise”  9″ x 12″  Graphite

will_the_wiseWill was an extraordinary elf known across the land for his wisdom and sage advice .   He could usually be found sitting on his front porch smoking his hand carved pipe, slow lazy circling puffs of smoke curling upward.   He would turn slowly and give you a look that felt like he could see straight to the back of your soul and nothing could be hidden from those probing eyes.   If after that you still had enough gumption to ask your question,  he would consider it for a awhile and then just when you might have given up and gone home,  he  would in a quiet, very deep voice (for an elf anyway)  give his pronouncement,  his thoughtful answer to your query.    It wasn’t always what you wanted to hear but it was exactly what you needed to know.   And then you would turn to go because no one including you felt that you had leave to engage him any further. That was just the way it was.   Whenever I went to see him I always wondered if he had a friend,  someone to whom he could bounce his thoughts and feelings.   I didn’t know, but what I did know was that it wasn’t me.

Copyright 2013   All rights reserved  Ann Gates Fiser


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