The Witches Ball

“Arriving at the Witches Ball”    9″ x 12″  Graphite


The witches arriving for the annual Witches’ Ball were just like any human, which they were or at least had been, and they enjoyed getting together once a year to dance, drink, and generally let off steam.    Most of the year they lived a rather solitary existence  except for the occasional human who came seeking a love potion, a fertility charm, or rarely some kind of hex.    Only the darker witches practiced those arts, thank goodness!   And just like humans they would catch up on the latest gossip and goings on in the witch and wizard community at large.   They also would talk  about others within earshot of the victim of the gossip, especially if  jealousy were involved.

“After the Witches’ Ball”  
9″ x 12″  Graphite

Of course the aftermath of the Witches’ Ball was the same as any party, where the liquor has flowed freely.   Some witches and wizards were able to fly home, however wobbly they were, but others could still be found at sunrise hanging around by the brooms.   Fortunately a drunk witch who takes to the air in an inebriated state only risked harming others by falling on them.   Of course the wise witch would spell their broom to remain under them no matter what.   Which explains why you’ve probably never seen a news report about a oddly dressed weird person falling out of the sky.   Of course most wizards didn’t ride brooms, preferring to disapparate.   This is its own challenge when you’ve drunk a bit of the bubbly.  One might just reappear in the middle of a wall, or just as detrimental to one’s health,  leave bits and pieces behind.


Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Ann Gates Fiser


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