“Reporting In”

 “Reporting In” 9″ 12″ Graphite
Everyone believed Wizard McGoggle to be the best seer in the land. It simply was not true. Oh he had a talent alright but not for scrying into the crystal ball. Actually that crystal made a nice place for his friends to land and tell him many things. Which brings me to his true talent. McGoggle could understand and talk to the wee dragons of the land, sometimes called pocket dragons because they could fit into very tiny spaces. Most people thought of them as pests, little better than rodents, if they thought of them at all. Which is why as you see, McGoggle was able to put his talent and theirs to good use. The tiny dragons spread out across the land and would report on a near daily basis the goings on in the land. Conversations, trysts and plots that were meant to be private soon found their way to the ears of the wizard. That’s what made him so very bloody brilliant when it came to advising the king and everyone else. Not only did he know everything in the land that was going on but he also knew if the king was thinking something particularly foolhardy and dangerous, the wizard was able to gently nudge the royal into a much more productive direction. All in all it was a tremendously beneficial gift that McGoggle used wisely on behalf of the royal realm. Thank goodness that he was not a dark wizard!reporting_in
Copyright 2013 Ann Gates Fiser All rights reserved

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