“Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir”

Sketch for the Day

Maestro Bellini appeared in a mediation one day. This is one of the sketches, that has me stumped when someone asks, “Where did you get that idea?!”  All I can say is that it bubbles up from the depths of my creative unconscious and I no longer argue with the muse. If it shows up it gets space on a page. Sometimes I eventually even paint it.

I’m particularly fond of “Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir” because he’s so obviously out of his element and yet he’s still in the full passion of his art.  One of the things I’ve noticed that keeps people from being creative is they think they have to have the exact perfect circumstances in which to do it. In this past year I’ve found that if I let it, my muse will come forth anywhere and everywhere, and my creativity expands exponentially. I think that’s one reason that I’m now keeping a sketchbook with me most of the time.  In the process I’ve discovered a love for drawing that I didn’t know I possessed. Drawing used to only be a necessary but trying means to be able to put paint on a piece of paper.

“Maestro Blininni and the Fish Choir” 9″ x 12″ Graphite



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