Taking On Portraiture

Portrait of a Girl With Fairies-

At this point I’m perfecting the portrait.  Making small adjustments to make it look more like her, and drawing in fairies.  The one on the right has proportion problems so I’ll be correcting that. I thinking of adding a few butterflies too.

She’s the granddaughter of my doctor. Portraits are interesting to do, because you have to do so many things at once.  Capture a likeness, the personality and also make sure your technique is good.  Altogether a big challenge. I haven’t worked on it (portraiture) very much because with one portrait artist, no make that one incredible portrait artist, Rob Fiser in the family, it seemed redundant.  But I really love the idea of incorporating real people into fantasy or making them fantasy characters, so I guess I will be working on this more.  I think eventually I will do a watercolor of it and give it as a present to my doctor who’s help this year has been immense.




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