In Search of the Elusive Green

First let me say that the past two weeks have flown by.  So my intention to post at least once a week is already blown…oh well.  I have started a new painting. It’s a larger one- 18″h x 24″w. It has dragonflies and fairies and that’s all I’m going to reveal for now, so stay tuned.

I’m searching for a deep dark rich forest green. Kind of a dark emerald color. I want a color that doesn’t go dead and that’s vibrant without being harsh.  I’m having a debate with myself about mixing vs buying. Buying is easy except you can’t always tell what color you’re really buying. But I buy most of my paint at Daniel Smith, where they have painted samples, not just printed charts of their colors.  The advantage of premixed paint is that you will have a consistent color every time.  But I don’t remember seeing th color that I’m after so I decided that I would try to mix the color that I was looking for. So far I haven’t quite hit on the one that I’m looking for. And it’s also quite possible that my problem is that it’s not the particular shade that I need but that I need to use the right complimentary color with the shades that I already have.  So here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

I just consulted a book on color and was reminded that using black will dull a color and is not usually a very good choice.  And the ones that I mixed with lamp black are a little on the lackluster side.  The one with Payne’s Gray is close.


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